Harbor Labs was founded in 2011 in response to the increasing industry demand for specialized high-end cyber consulting. Through a diverse set of applied cyber science offerings and a staff of leading industry professionals, Harbor Labs has established itself as a trusted provider of critical and complex cyber solution consulting.

Harbor Labs combines a staff of highly-credentialed cyber scientists and engineers with a modern cyber lab and cloud-based systems, to provide clients with high-fidelity testing, development and experimentation services. Many of the tools used by Harbor Labs were developed internally by senior staff to meet complex and specialized customer requirements. It is through this combination of expertise, methodologies and sophisticated toolsets that Harbor Labs ensures its clients the best possible security outcomes.

Staff Experience

More than just cyber celebrities, Harbor Labs' senior staff are fully integrated with operations and client services, and are key contributors on every consulting engagement. Their extensive experience in multiple cyber verticals has led to an extensive corporate resume, that includes: